Tomohide Terasoma

List of Papers

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  • Motivic bar comodules associated to polylogarithms and Aomoto polylogarithm. ("Periods and L-values of motives",2018.4.29-2018.5.5)
  • Motivic relative completion (beamer file for prima conference)
  • Lines on Fermat hypersurface and M_{0n} (Conference on arrangement, Hokkaidou University 2009)
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  • Mixed Hodge structures and Galois structures
    of fundamental groups of hyperplane arrangement.
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  • Hodge and Tate conjecture of hypergeometric sheaves.
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  • Monodromy weight filtration is independenent of l.
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  • Degenration of curves and analytic deformations.
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  • Fundamental groups of moduli spaces of hyperplane configurations.
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  • Boyarski principle for D-modules and Loeser's conjecture.
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  • Rational convex cones and cyclotomic multiple zeta values.
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  • A note on GT-admissible varieties
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